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Friday, December 02, 2016

C# .NET: 
How many bytes per kilobyte (KB)? How many bytes per megabyte (MB)? How many bytes per terabyte (TB)? etc. I've used constants like these many times.

public static ulong BytesPerKilobyte = (ulong)Math.Pow(2.0, 10.0);  // 1,024
public static ulong BytesPerMegabyte = (ulong)Math.Pow(2.0, 20.0);  // 1,048,576
public static ulong BytesPerGigabyte = (ulong)Math.Pow(2.0, 30.0);  // 1,073,741,824
public static ulong BytesPerTerabyte = (ulong)Math.Pow(2.0, 40.0);  // 1,099,511,627,776

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