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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ping memory leak?

The details give me a headache, but there appears to be a leak in the 2.0 Ping class, particularily when sending asynchronously.

A longer diatribe that reaches the same conclusion:,guid,fc83197b-ce2d-47ab-b70a-db352085b370.aspx

And just in case the links above die, here's the gist of it:
" must explicitly call IDisposable.Dispose(), or you’ll end up with the inherited Dispose() method which doesn’t do anything useful at all in this case. You can do this by casting the Ping object to IDisposable."

private void Refresh(Object sender, EventArgs args)
Ping ping = null;
ping = new Ping();
ping.PingCompleted += PingComplete;
ping.SendAsync(defaultHost, null);

private void PingComplete(Object sender, PingCompletedEventArgs args)

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